Wiki editor

A wiki editor (Wiky) is added as an option to the Editor Type in Page Property. The detailed instruction on the markup notation will be available later, but for now please refer to these pages.
Drag-and-drop files and images from desktop

While the drag&drop button (depicted above) is pressed on the top toolbar, a file can be placed on the page by dragging and dropping it on the browser window. The page frame turns orange when a file is grabbed, and then to green when the browser is ready to receive the file, when you can drop the file.

Image files will be placed at the place you dropped it. Other files are uploaded to the server and a link thereto will be created.

*This functionality is implemented with a Java plug-in (verified with Java5 and Java6). It may take a moment to start when this function is first turned on.

*Browsers other than Safari(on MacOS X) and Internet Explorer may not be able to drag files from a folder window that is in front of the browser window. You can temporarily move those files in a non-overlapping zone first, and then drag them onto the browser.

*This fuctionality does not work with Firefox on MacOS X, and Opera on MacOS X. (In other words, only Safari works properly on MacOS X.)

*Currently, only alphabets and numerals in ASCII character set may be used in the filenames. Expansion is underway.
Version 0.61

Beta Version