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This Plug-in imports and converts RSS feeds into sprites. First, it newly generates sprites on the page. The number of sprites is the same as that of the items in the RSS. A sprite corresponds to a sequential position of an item in the RSS. For example, the sprite on the left side corresponds to the first item, the sprite on the right side corresponds to the second item, and so on. The content of the sprite is changed when the corresponding item is changed. But, the location of the sprite does not change.
  • plugin name
    • RSSlayouter
  • plugin options (separate by a comma)
    • URL,Background Color, Maximum Item Count, Maximum Character Count,Title Only
    • e.g.),#00ff00,15,50,0
  • plugin template
    • Not available
URL is indispensable. In other options, if it is not provided, the default value is used.
  • URL: URL of the target RSS feeds.
  • Background Color: It indicates the darkest color of the sprite. The newer the RSS item is, the darker the sprite becomes. It is a RGB Hex Triplet that starts with the # character. Default is #ffc0b0. 
  • Maximum Item Count: Maximum number of displayed items. It is a numeric value.  -1 implies that all items are shown. Default is -1.
  • Maximum Character Count: Maximum number of displayed characters per either item. It is a numeric value. -1 implies that all characters are shown. Default is -1.
  • Title Only: It indicates whether the title of the item is displayed or not. It is either 0 or 1. 0 implies display both <title> and <description>. 1 implies display only <title>. The default value is 0.
The properties (background-color, frame, width, etc.) of the generated sprite can be changed on the control panel. If you would like to reset them to the original, delete the sprite. The Plug-in generates the sprite again with the original properties.

RSSlayouter Plug-in