(2) Create Manual Pages Easily by Using Tags and TagCloud

Tags and TagCloud make it easier for you to create an Index of your manual pages.

Just put tags on the important information, and TagCloud shows the correlated Index.

Manual Pages of PositLog is constructed by this method. See TagIndex.


The RSS shows timeline information, while PositLog shows spatial information. The content on PositLog is better to stroll, survey and arrange.

It can be wellordered or disordered like your desk. You can do whatever you like.

(1) Read Sprites on a Timeline

There are many ways to do this.

List of Recently Modified Contents

  • Webpage of Recently Modified Contents on a Website
    • Pages (URL is  PositLogRootURL/recentcontents.cgi?type=page)
    • Sprites (URL is PositLogRootURL/recentcontents.cgi?type=sprite)

This is the HTML version of RSS above.

  • RSS of Recently Modified Sprites on a Page
PositLog provides RSS feeds for every page. See the manual page of "RSS feeds".

e.g.) This is the RSS of the current page.

List of Recently Modified Tags

  • Webpage of Recently Modified Tags
Put tags on sprites to manage them.
The URL above shows the recently modified tags on a site. Tags can be filtered by a page group.
  • Webpage of Recent Sprites about a Tag
This is similar to entries filtered on the basis of their category on a blog.

e.g.) The URL below shows sprites about the "Permission Level" tag.
  • RSS of Recently Modified Tags
e.g.) This is RSS of the URL above.

Time and Space

  •  Overview map at the bottom-right corner
Move the mouse cursor on the overview map to hightlight recent sprites with red color. The newer a sprite, the more light-colored it is.
It is provided as a plug-in. 
It is a plug-in that put the list of recent sprites into a sprite. This list is a sprite, and therefore you can place it anywhere on a page.
Some tips to use PositLog.