Context menu
The page on PositLog comprises many microcontents called sprite. Sprite is a small part of HTML that can be freely arranged. PositLog provides a consistent method to manage content by encapsulating various types of information into a sprite. Even JavaScript code can be encapsulated.
Groupware functions
 - User read/write permission
 - Management of user groups and page groups
 - RSS, annotation, tags, permalink
 - Page template
 - Internationalization

Digital map interface
 - Zoom in/Zoom out
 - Drag to scroll
 - Overview map

Color picker
(Embedded FCKeditor)
Write text by using a feature-rich editor and paste it anywhere.
Paste any Flash/JavaScript badges to show movies or decorate your page.
Import dynamic information like RSS feeds (using plug-ins).
Draw pictures and arrows directly on your Web browser. 
(The picture above has been drawn in this manner.)
Upload photos or any files and arrange them anywhere.