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Subadmin group

Any user group can be a subadmin group. If a subadmin group is permitted to edit a page, the Logged-in user who belongs to this group can edit the sprites created by other Logged-in users on the page.  After checking the box, click on "Change configuration" button.

Permission level

The list of permissions that this user group has.

Nickname is the name displayed on a page instead of ID. ID should not be known to anyone except the user himself/herself and Administrator.
User ID/Open Properties

 Click an ID to open User Property Manager.
Exclude User from User Group

 Check “exclude” boxes and click on “Exclude checked users from this group” to exclude them. The users are not deleted from PositLog; they are only excluded from this group.
User List

 This is the list of users in this user group.
Add from user list

Select existing users and click on “Add selected users to XXXX” to add them to this group. Press the Shift or Ctrl (Command) key to select multiple users.
Add new user

Enter the User ID, Nickname, and Password of a new user, and click on “Add this user into XXXX” to add it to this user group.
  • User ID is the unique name for logging-in to PositLog. Allowed characters are 0-9 a-z A-Z @_-
  • Nickname is the name displayed on a page instead of User ID. All characters except []<> are allowed.
  • Password is used for logging-in to PositLog. The maximum length is 8 characters.  Allowed characters are 0-9 a-z A-Z ! # % & ( ) * + - . / \ ' " : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ ~ _ ` { | }
A user can belong to multiple user groups. All users without exception belong to the page group named “All” by default.
Change group name

Enter a new group name, and click on “Change configuration” button.
Every user group has its own configuration. You can add members to the user group or change its name. The link to this page exists on  User groups.

User Group Configurations