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User Group ID
User Group Configurations

 Click the name of a user group to open a detailed configuration page, where you can add users to or exclude them from a user group. You can also get the list of users in a user group. See also User Group Configurations.
Delete User Group

 Check “delete” boxes and click on “Delete checked user groups” button to delete them. The users are not deleted even if the group they belong to is deleted.
List of User Group

 The list of all user groups. The group named 'All' (All User Group) exists by default. It cannot be deleted. The All User Group contains all the users.
A user group indicates the category or class of users. The permission to read or edit a page is granted to user groups. It is also granted to users, but, using user groups would be more convenient.

A user can belong to multiple groups. All users without exception belong to the user group named 'All' (All User Group) by default.

What is a User Group?

Create New Usergroup

 Enter the name of a new group and click on this button to create it.

This is the tool to manage or create user groups.

User Groups