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> February 25, 2008 - PositLog 0.61 beta1 Released
  - Enabled dragging and dropping files from desktop to PositLog.
  - Added support for wiki markup.
> February 12, 2008 - PositLog 0.6 Released


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Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Hidekazu Kubota. All rights reserved.

PositLog is implemented by using Perl and JavaScript. You can freely install it on your server under GPL 2.0.
PositLog is an excellent open source platform for building custom-made Websites. It provides you with the capability to write text, draw pictures, and paste photos and any HTML code anywhere on draggable and zoomable web pages. It also provides methods to manage content by using web standard technologies (RSS, permalink, tags), groupware functions, and extensive plug-ins.
This page is draggable and zoomable. Drag an empty space or overview map (at bottom-right) to scroll it. Rotate the mouse wheel while pressing the left mouse button to zoom. (Quick manual)