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Page Group ID

The unique ID of the page group. It is sometimes required to be input to use Plug-ins.

Set Homepage

 Set a page group to Homepage of PositLog. The latest page in the page group is shown as the homepage.

Delete Page Group

 Check “delete” boxes and click on the “Delete checked  page groups” button to delete them. The pages are not deleted even if the group they belong to is deleted.
Page Group Configurations

 Click the name of a page group to open the detailed configurations page, where you can add pages to or exclude them from a page group. You can also get the list of pages in a page group. See also Page Group Configurations.
List of Page Groups

 The list of all page groups. The group named 'All' (All Page Group) exists by default. It cannot be deleted. The All Page Group contains all the pages.
Create New Page Group

 Enter the name of a new group and click on this button to create it.

This tool manages or creates page groups.
A page group implies a category or class of pages. The page group is useful for arranging pages, filtering pages or tags by category.

A page can belong to multiple groups. All pages without exception belong to the page group named 'All' (All Page Group) by default.

Page Groups

What is a Page Group?